Our adaptive capability approach to business transformation

Change is complex and dynamic. The word itself carries negative connotations for some, which is why many organisations refer to development initiatives as ‘business transformation’ instead of ‘change management’ programmes.

In our experience, it doesn’t matter how you label these initiatives. If management fears change, contagious negativity is the result. Quest overcomes this by working in partnership with you, using our adaptive capability framework.



We evaluate your current reality, uncover issues, and align your team or organisation with future goals.



We ensure everyone understands, agrees with, cares about, and knows how to join in with the strategic intent.



We create a framework to enable an ongoing culture of learning.

The three phases of adaptive capability

Phase 1: Awareness

Start with a top-down awareness and agreement on your organisation’s helpful and unhelpful behaviours. We combine insider knowledge with probing questions to reveal assumptions and develop awareness of the real issues that need to be resolved.

Phase 2: Leadership

A case for change needs to be clearly communicated, with all points of view listened to and taken account of. We help communicate the future culture, generate an appetite for change, and break down fear-based resistance.

Phase 3: Learning

Learning from new ways of working is a key part of embedding change. It reduces fear, making the process more palatable to the whole organisation. We create frameworks that leaders learn from, encouraging others to do the same.

“I've engaged Quest Leadership regularly over 14 years because they always deliver results. Regardless of the prevailing business and market conditions or cultural environment, they are exceptional at being able to understand what needs to be done and the interventions required to make a difference. ”

Guy Munnoch, CEO, Zurich Financial Services