What is culture change?

A company’s culture is the way it does things.

If your business results aren’t improving year on year, you’re not alone. We can help strategically review and change your culture to drive better business results.

According to a 2016 Gallup report:

  • 66% of employees do not feel motivated at work
  • 14% are ‘actively disengaged,’ unhappy, unproductive, and liable to spread negativity

To counter this, organisations are shifting their culture from hierarchy and bureaucracy towards shared values and facilitative leadership with engaged and enabled employees.

Engaged employees work harder and stay longer. We believe it’s the responsibility of your leadership team to engage your employees and this is where our culture change work begins.

How we change your culture

It all starts at the top. Growing a high-performance culture requires leaders to become models for excellence.

That means first paying attention to their own development, then working out how to help others achieve their potential.

So, we start by understanding the dynamic of your leadership team, and take it from there.

How we help engage employees

Working alongside your senior teams, we create contexts where individuals can do their best work every day. We coach your managers to develop their own leadership style that balances business skills with people skills.

Employees see senior executives with such a leadership style as open-minded and trustworthy, they want to perform well for them. This secures a return on your investment in employee engagement.

“Quest Leadership helped us to strategically review and change our culture in ways that directly led to improved employee recruitment, retention and engagement and business results.”

Steve Clark, CEO, Ecosurety