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We’ve been helping organisations deliver world-class business results by liberating the leadership skills of their people for more than 20 years.

We stimulate leaders to implement sustainable, positive change, using world-leading evidence-based leadership development and 360 feedback frameworks.

Our clients tell us it’s our partnership approach that sets us apart from other business and leadership development consultancies. Rather than simply implementing a training mandate, we inject a strategic focus into the heart of your leadership development plan.

Are you looking for Business Consulting, Leadership Development or The Leadership Challenge®?

Business Consulting

Find out how we can work with you to catalyse the behavioural changes required to deliver improved business results.

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Leadership Development

Find out how our unique applied approach to leadership development keeps business outcomes as the central focus and enables your people to step up and lead.

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Leadership Challenge

Find out how, as the first Leadership Challenge and Leadership Practices Inventory® global training partner in Europe, we can help you to liberate the leadership skills in your people.

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The Quest approach improves business results because it enables you to engage people at all levels within your organisation.

  • Senior Executives improve strategic skills
  • Managers who need to do less managing and more leading
  • Executive board or management team collaboration
  • Individual executive coaching
  • Developing an organisational approach to leadership

We can help you to develop senior executives’ strategic skills

Being a senior executive is very different to being a senior manager. Having been noticed for strong management performance, individuals often struggle to adjust to their new roles’. Working with your senior executives, our executive coaches start by researching the demands of the new role and performance expectations. They use a mixture of leadership and cognitive profiling tools to identify strengths and capability gaps. They then work with your senior executives to agree and implement a personal development plan.

Executive Development Coaching Packages

We can help you to transform middle & senior managers’ into leaders

Well-led organisations outperform their less well-led competitors. When managers are supported in changing their focus from managing the day-to-day business to modelling the way for others, inspiring a shared vision and challenging existing processes, their teams become more engaged and deliver extraordinary results.

Nurturing leaders is a sound organisational investment. Our approach blends business consulting, leadership development and coaching. It builds on solid research, which is then used to create organisational and personal appetite for stronger leadership.

Business Consulting Leadership Development

We can help you to develop collaboration skills and mind-sets in your executive board and management team

We blend our consulting, change management, performance improvement and culture change programmes to help members of your leadership teams develop collaboration skills and mindsets. We run facilitated sessions for executive teams and boards of directors to examine their way of working and establish what it means to be an effective and successful leadership team. This typically begins with a series of one-to-one interviews and a presentation of key findings from the interviews back to the group. This honest, in-depth evaluation provides the energy for change and clarifies specific areas for improvement.

Performance Improvement Change Management

We can coach individual executives

Our coaching stretches, stimulates and provokes leaders to want to develop themselves, building their confidence and their ability to add value to their business. Our experienced coaches simultaneously challenge and support your executives, using a proven LPI Coaching framework, so that you know they have been asked the toughest of questions within a safe sanctuary. This highly individualised form of executive development enables your people to develop their personal leadership style in ways that benefit the wider business.

Executive Development Business Coaching

We can help you to develop an organisation wide approach to leadership

We blend our expertise and experience in consulting, change management, culture change and leadership development to help senior teams create an organisation-wide approach to leadership development. Such an approach creates great work environments where individuals want to do their best work every day. This requires a highly sophisticated form of leadership that balances business skills (such as driving innovation, excellence and results) and people skills (such as inspiring others, building relationships and developing talent). It inevitably leads to performance improvement.

Business Consulting Leadership Development

Who have we helped?

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here are some of the organisations whose hard won experience and knowledge we’ve helped to convert into improved business results…

We have developed a strong partnership with Quest Leadership, whose unique approach to developing leadership goes beyond the teaching of contemporary leadership concepts. They're quick to: build trust with leadership teams and challenge individual and team behaviours; understand underlying business issues holding individuals and teams back and to adapt approaches accordingly.

Mark Concannon, Managing Director, Leica Geosystems

How do we work

Managing change is complex, so we customise solutions to exactly meet your change management needs. The Quest approach is to divide the process of business transformation into three phases: awareness, leadership and learning.

We work in close partnership with you to custom-design and rapidly execute these steps. Whatever the custom-designed solution we develop with you, you can expect lots of questions from our experienced consultants. You can also expect to experience our consultants behaving in ways that support our code of conduct.


We evaluate your current reality, uncover issues & align your team to future goals


We ensure everyone understands, agrees with, cares about & knows how to join the strategic intent


We create a framework to enable an ongoing culture of learning

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