Helen Green

Apprentice Leaders

At the time of writing we are in the middle of National Apprenticeship Week.  Across the UK events are being held to promote the idea of apprenticeships to employers, teachers, parents, individuals and forthcoming school leavers.  Under an overarching theme of “Great Apprenticeships” the events during the week are designed to promote the idea that great apprentices help to make great businesses.

Events highlighted on the apprenticeship website range from conferences and workshops to drop in days as well as individual businesses showcasing their own apprenticeship schemes.  Once almost the forgotten route into work, apprenticeships have seen a resurgence in recent years, thanks partly to a drive on the part of the Government and partly to a recognition that apprenticeships can be a viable alternative to the university route into work.

But for apprenticeships to be successful requires businesses to create a culture which nurtures and encourages those first steps into work.  Careers can be made or broken depending on the leadership skills displayed both at the top of organisations and within teams.  Today’s apprentices may well be tomorrow’s leaders and it is up to the leaders of today to develop those potential leaders with inspiration, encouragement and with a clear map of the way to greatness.