We’re proud to be the longest established global training partner for The Leadership Challenge in Europe.

It’s our education framework of choice, with our strong track record of fine-tuning it for the diverse needs of global markets and organisations.

What is The Leadership Challenge model?

This pioneering framework consists of five leadership practices:

1. Modelling the Way

A leader needs a philosophy, a set of high standards by which their organisation is measured; values about how employees, colleagues, and customers will be treated. The leader clarifies their beliefs and values, and what makes work matter to them.

Leaders embody their beliefs, practicing what they preach to demonstrate that they live by their values. Leaders know that while their position gives them authority, their behaviour earns them respect.

2. Inspiring a Shared Vision

Leaders look to the future with visions and ideals of what can be. They have a sense of what is uniquely possible if we together for a common purpose. They passionately believe that people can make a difference. But visions seen only by leaders are insufficient to create organised movement, they must get others to see the exciting future possibilities.

3. Challenging the Process

People do their best when there’s a chance to change things. Maintaining the status quo breeds mediocrity. Leaders seek and accept challenging opportunities to test their abilities. They motivate others to exceed their limits, take risks, learn, and look for ways to improve the organisation.

4. Enabling Others to Act

Leaders know they can’t do it alone. It takes partners to get extraordinary things done. They build teams with spirit and cohesion. Leaders develop collaborative goals and co-operative relationships with colleagues and know that these are the keys that unlock support for their projects. They make sure that when they win, everyone wins.

5. Encouraging the Heart

Leaders build commitment and energy by visibly recognising people’s contributions and celebrating accomplishments. With a thank you note, a smile, an award and public praise, the leader lets others know how much they mean to the organisation.

Leaders express pride in accomplishments of their teams. They make a point of telling the rest of the organisation about what the teams have achieved. They make people feel like heroes.

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“100% of the cases studied were about people changing the ‘business as usual’ environment. Change was a key aspect of every single one of the cases. People NEVER did their best when keeping things the same.”

Jim Kouzes, Author, The Leadership Challenge