Helen Green

Brexit and the art of green highlighters

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Take the way in which agreement on the shape of the Brexit transition period was announced. Irrespective of the wording, the fact that areas of synergy were highlighted in green instantly added positivity to the message. Admittedly there are some areas which are still to be negotiated and here again the colour used, or lack of it, helped to convey a positive image. Had these areas been coloured red for danger then the message would have been far different. Leaving these areas white simply left the impression that further progress was required but there was no cause for alarm.

It’s a message that we can all learn from, particularly when change is in the offing and we are looking to deliver a positive message. Yes sometimes a grand gesture can make an impact, but equally sometimes the simplest of approaches can deeply resonate with our audience. Or to put it another way; it is not just what you say, but it is the way you say it that can make all the difference. So the next time you’re trying to convey a message and getting bogged down in multiple PowerPoint slides and complex diagrams take a step back. It may not always work but sometimes a green highlighter may be all you need.