Helen Green

Building the Team

Well that’s it! The negotiations are over, the deals have been done and across the country players are starting to settle into their new homes.

But once they have found out the important stuff like which is their peg in the changing rooms and how the tea kitty works, the serious work of building them into a team can begin.

Who are going to be the winners and losers from this year’s football transfer window? In truth, only time will tell. Clubs may have tried very hard to select their new players not only on ability but also on the way in which they will fit into the team dynamic; but it’s now up to the players and the coaches to set about transforming individuals into a unified winning force.

Whether in sport or in business creating a winning team requires leadership allied to good coaching skills. And here we are not simply talking about improving on individual talents, but also working on skills such as team dynamics, communication and understanding. As Leicester proved last year, when a team comes together in strength, when hearts and minds are fully engaged in the strategy then great things can happen.