Helen Green

Coaching the Team

Sports fans take a breath! This is the time to relax and recharge your batteries, to make sure that you’re in tip-top viewing shape before the Olympics start on 5 August.

Admittedly there is plenty of sport to enjoy between now and then but as, at the time of writing, we’ve just come out of the Euro football/Wimbledon tennis viewing period it seems as though might be a good time to wind down slightly before we gear up again for the extravaganza of the Olympics.

It’s been said that sport and business can learn a lot about each other in terms of teamwork and coaching and that was certainly in evidence, especially on the one Sunday which saw 4 British Wimbledon champions being crowned, Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix and the Euro football final taking place. No matter how many stars you can name, how many individual performances stood out, it was impossible to ignore the impact of the team and of the coaches who helped to deliver greatness.

It’s why players like Murray rely on their team, it’s why racing drivers talk in terms of we rather than me, and it’s why teams such as Iceland and Wales have demonstrated the way in which togetherness and teamwork can triumph.  Individual talent can get you so far but it is when great coaches work with people to build team cohesion and strength that amazing things can happen.