Helen Green

I hope you are ready

We often hear about the power of sport to change lives and perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than in the Invictus Games which are (at the time of writing) taking place in Toronto. The BBC’s documentary “Battle to the Start Line” showcases the way in which camaraderie, team spirit and a defined goal all help in the healing process; a theme which is echoed in every pre-and post-event interview with competitors from across the globe.

But the games aren’t simply about healing, about finding a way to move on. In his opening address Prince Harry set down a challenge, hoping that competitors were ‘ready for some fierce competition’ but also ‘ready to see the meaning of teamwork, the proof that anything is possible when we work together.’ He also talked about courage and determination, about inspiration and seeing role models in action.

It’s a lesson which sport can bring not only to our daily lives but also to our leadership within the workplace. When leaders are prepared to stand up and be role models, to live the values which underpin the vision, to challenge and to inspire, then who knows what outcomes are achievable.