Chris Nel

Leading into the future

In the words of the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, the Autumn 2017 Budget was one which looked towards: “A future that will be full of change; full of new challenges and above all full of new opportunities.”

It’s a bold statement and only history will tell if the Chancellor’s ambitions come to fruition; but it is also a statement which resonates across the business leadership spectrum. As we head rapidly towards the end of the year this is traditionally the time in which businesses look forward, reflecting on past successes and analysing trends in order to plan the future.

Now admittedly 2018 is not an easy year to call, there are too many imponderables arising out of a host of factors including rapidly advancing technology and Brexit. Nevertheless, it is true that times of change and challenge bring great opportunities for success. So now more than ever it is time for leaders to model the way and then to inspire people to overcome the challenges and to deliver greatness. Or, as the Chancellor commented in his closing budget remarks, now is the time; “To embrace change, not hide from it. To seize the opportunities ahead of us. And, together, build a Britain fit for the future.”