Helen Green

Leading Teamwork

Wimbledon fortnight. A time of highs and lows, of triumphs and disasters, when hopes can be raised, dashed and then raised again in the course of a single match. But as we cheer or groan, do we ever really stop to appreciate the leading teamwork which is required to send individual sporting stars into the arena?

Yes, the camera lingers from time to time on the supporters in the player’s box but every one of these individuals, and more, play an intrinsic part in helping the players to raise themselves towards greatness. Practice partners, coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, as well as family support; all combine under a single vision with the aim of ensuring that the player is in the best possible shape for the contest.

It’s a lesson which those in business could do well to learn from. The leader may have the vision but it is the entire team, every individual bringing their own expertise to the mix, which transforms potential into greatness. The leader, is nothing without the support their team; the team, is nothing without the vision and drive of their leader; and the business, is nothing unless the leader and team are driving in the same direction with a clear goal in mind.