Helen Green

Leading the Team

We may be nearly in May but, at the time of writing, there is snow in London and across swathes of the rest of the country. Hardy cricket supporters, used to unpredictable weather at the beginning of the season, don another layer and look forward to warm summer weather ahead; whilst football fans brace themselves for a chilly end to a topsy-turvy season.

Football lover or not, the way in which the premiership has played out this year has captured the imagination. The English premiership is widely held to be one of the most fiercely competitive leagues and it has certainly lived up to its billing this season.

It’s also brought us a lesson in leadership and teamwork. It doesn’t matter how much the team cost to build, how highly regarded the players are, if players are unable to gel together then they are never going to be able to feed off each other and maximise each other’s talents and potential. Similarly, no matter how highly regarded the leader, if they can’t bring that special something to the team, engaging it in their ideas and ethos then the team will always perform below par.

Leadership is as much about engaging hearts and minds as it is about creating the direction. It’s a lesson which we saw in action in the premiership this year and it’s one which also applies to organisations across the business spectrum. With strong teamwork and great leadership it is possible to produce results far above expectations and in the process delight your customers and fans.