Helen Green

Let Your Team do the Talking

At the time of writing the football transfer season has only a few short days left to go. Soon it will be time for the cheque books to close, the hastily arranged medicals to be signed off and the teams to be set in stone, at least until Christmas.

With the ending of the transfer season comes the time for managers and teams to show their worth on the pitch. And whilst poor performances are inevitably blamed on the manager, when it comes to individual performances and team dynamics leadership on the bench can only go so far. That’s why in football as with so many other sports nowadays the talk is of leaders on the pitch, of people stepping up to the mark and creating chances, setting the conditions in place for others to shine.

It’s a lesson which those in business would do well to learn. Leadership which seeks to control and confine can only go so far. True leadership comes from creating the conditions which empower and which enable others to give of their best. True leaders know when it comes to delivering exceptional performances it is down to letting their team do the talking.