Chris Nel

What we can learn from Olivia Colman’s Oscar acceptance speech

“Any little girl who’s practising their speech on the telly – you never know!”

Olivia Colman, in a widely applauded Oscar acceptance speech, managed to inject a note of encouragement amidst the usual thank-you’s. Never giving up, working hard to achieve your dream is an important message, particularly in the days of reality show instant stardom.

Alongside that message we shouldn’t ignore the importance of saying thank you to those who have helped us along the way. Saying thank you to everyone you have ever encountered may have become almost a clichéd element of award ceremony speeches but it does have a serious side. When we take the time to say thank you, even in an awards situation, we are acknowledging contributions and teamwork; recognising that success arrives as a result of multiple inputs.

It is a message which applies equally well in leadership and management. You don’t need to have glitzy awards ceremonies in order to thank and appreciate those who have contributed to success. Look up employee engagement on the internet and you will find umpteen solutions.

A simple thank you can be the catalyst for future success.