Helen Green

As one door closes…

As the cricket and rugby league seasons wind to a close to be replaced on our screens by football and rugby union, as new dramas hit our television screens and fresh line-ups are announced for the return of old favourites; it is hard to escape the inevitable conclusion that summer is over and the slow descent towards winter has begun. We could see this is a time of finality, a time to wonder where our plans for the year have gone and to despair at the three scant months left before the clocks tick into 2019.

On the other hand we could take a leaf out of the back to school book and see this as a time for refreshment and renewal. That’s not to say we shouldn’t take some time out for reflection; after all continuous appraisal is part and parcel of strategy delivery. But there is a world of difference between appraisal in order to beat ourselves up over past failures and appraisal in order to define the strategy which will deliver success. Summer may be over but as that door closes the future awaits.