Helen Green

One Person Won’t Make a Team

We make no apologies for returning to the subject of football leadership just two scant months after commenting on the world cup. Football may be a high visibility game but we can learn so much about management and the science of leadership from both the leaders and owners of clubs throughout the divisions.

Whilst we are not going to dwell on the fact that the football season hadn’t even started when the first manager departed, it is worth looking at that other phenomenon of the game, the transfer window. Listening to a selection of managers talking about why they did, or did not, make a bid for certain players is an eye opener. Time and time again the comment comes up that players have to be selected not just for their ability but also for the way in which they will slot into a team. The message is clear, individual skills may be great but if that person is isolated from the team they are worth nothing.

Leadership is as much about understanding and getting the best out of each member of the team as it is about defining values and strategies. The leader who looks to hire for cultural fit and then works to create a strong and united team is the leader who will succeed.