Chris Nel

Who is your 2017 winner?

The nominees for 2017 sports personality of the year have one thing in common; they are all winners, either in their own right or as members of a team. There’s no-one on the shortlist who has captured the public imagination simply through trying or through overcoming a setback in order to do the best they could but still not quite managing to capture that elusive first place.

Perhaps that is why the unsung hero award is so special, recognising those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for no reward. These are the people who stand on the riverbank in the rain, who dive the bus, who make the teas, who inspire and encourage others to achieve. They don’t get to stand on the podium but without them all too many sporting ambitions would never be realised.

Now translate that thought into your business. Who do you reward; the top salespeople, the people who bring in the money or head the glamorous departments? Or do you take the chance to recognise and thank the people who work behind the scenes, creating the conditions which deliver great customer service or business success. Who is your 2017 winner; how you answer may reveal a lot about your leadership.