What business consulting services do we offer?

We have over 20 years’ expertise and experience in performance improvement, change management, culture change, executive development and coaching. We help leaders to transform an organisation’s hard won experience and knowledge into positive action and improved business results.

Our team develop leaders, help organisations to engage employees, resolve conflicts, facilitate new ideas and enable people and teams to continuously optimise their working processes and practices.

How do WE work?

Experience has shown us that questioning turns knowledge into action and has a profound impact on business results, so, if you partner with us, expect a lot of questions. Questioning, however, is not enough in itself to help organisations achieve their aspirations, which is why all our consultants follow our code of conduct.

What is OUR code of conduct?

  1. Be brave and help our clients to be brave too.
  2. Have and facilitate difficult conversations within businesses.
  3. Get to the nub of the issue – quickly.
  4. Create a culture where people get genuinely excited doing what they do.
  5. Win trust and partner with clients by being a ‘breath of fresh air’.
  6. Resist taking the easy route by giving into mediocrity when the going gets tough.

So, what is it like working with US?

Our real differentiator is our partnering approach – how we engage with your business and teach applied leadership skills, rather than just theory. We encourage your business leaders to think and act differently, to develop ‘Adaptive Capability’, which means having the willingness, ability and drive to change.

“They’re an action orientated, hard working, provocative and fun consulting team. Their approach is to step into people’s business lives, supportively challenge the status quo and facilitate powerful, sustainable change that meets clearly identified business goals.”

Wayne Ball, Operations Director, AIM Aviation.

Why is ‘Adaptive Capability’ key to 21st century success?

The current world of work is characterised by the need to:

  • Deliver consistent, profitable growth by winning business and effective cost management
  • Operate in volatile markets, with ambiguity, uncertainty, and increased competition
  • Constantly change and adapt in order to deal with this volatility

Our ‘Adaptive Capability’ approach, helps leaders develop the motivation and capability to navigate through uncertainty and actively participate in change. It enables leaders and their teams to thrive in these conditions.