What is the cognitive process profile™ (CPP)?

The world of work is becoming increasingly chaotic, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Simply ‘coping’ with this reality is not enough – organisational success, more than ever, depends on the capacity of its leaders to thrive under these conditions. The CPP tracks a persons thinking processes in ambiguous, uncertain and unfamiliar environments and provides an indication of preferences, capability and potential.

Why do we use CPP?

The shift from technical and supervisory management to strategic organisational leadership is a big one.

Many executives fail to successfully adapt to their new strategic role, operating as some kind of super-manager.

Inevitably this disables former co-workers and fails to provide the requisite direction and leadership for the organisation.

A significant amount of the coaching work we do therefore is to ensure that once promoted, senior managers don’t become another statistic to support the ‘Peter Principle’.

What does the CPP Measure?

  1. The individual’s approach to solving complex problems, particularly in new and unfamiliar situations (sound like strategy to you?)
  2. The efficiency of their problem solving.
  3. Their learning potential. Feeding back information on these measurable work related constructs develops a learning appetite by illustrating an individual’s cognitive strengths and critical flaws in their new or next role.


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What are the benefits of using CPP?

CPP helps individuals to build self-awareness and improve their leadership performance at work. It is principally used as part of an executive development programme or coaching assignment.


  • Raises peoples awareness around thinking styles and preferences
  • Provides a research based framework for goal setting and action planning
  • Enables people to consider the impact of their thinking style on their performance
  • Is an indication of current styles as well as learning potential
  • Provides clear indicators of areas of strength and future development
  • Generates developmental guidelines aimed at increasing leader effectiveness
“Quest Leadership raised our executives’ contributions to our business success by creating greater clarity of what was expected of them and providing insights and awareness to ensure they could execute their responsibilities with confidence.”

Keith Lambert, HR Director, Hitachi Capital UK

The CPP is a psychological assessment developed by Dr S M Prinsloo, founder of Cognadev, and used under licence by Quest in the UK.