Help your leaders develop and nurture fresh talent

In turbulent times, only organisations whose managers develop employees faster than the competition can succeed.

Recruiting and retaining these talented workers may be the biggest challenge facing corporate leaders. Our exclusive Leader as Coach programme can help.

“Training our leaders in coaching skills has enabled them to have open and honest performance-focused conversations that have led to improved employee performance and business results.”

Steve Clark, CEO

Why enrol on the Leader as Coach programme?

It enables your leaders to:

  • Establish effective and committed coaching relationships
  • Help others create an inspiring vision and set clear, compelling goals
  • Foster collaboration while providing honest and insightful feedback
  • Improve the performance of others and help them to excel
  • Ensure others take responsibility for performance and growth
  • Encourage others to take risks and step out of their comfort zone

How was the programme developed?

Leader as Coach is based on substantial research from recognised coaching experts and exemplary leaders of business and sports organisations, including Carrie Coltman of Palo Alto Learning Group.

All this led to the identification of a set of behaviours that are consistently exhibited by effective coaches. These behaviours fall into three categories, the three foundations of the programme:

  • Stretching capacity
  • Coaching process
  • Investing in relationships

A 360-degree feedback instrument, the Leader as Coach Inventory (LACI) underpins the workshop. LACIs are completed by the participant and a number of colleagues who know them in a coaching context. It enables us to personalise the training programme to meet the exact needs of each leader and organisation.

This report provides insight on coaching strengths and weaknesses, alongside other vital information to support personal development. It enables us to personalise the training programme to meet the exact needs of each individual leader and their organisation.

How does it work in practice?

We kick off with a one or two-day workshop, including:

  • 360° LACI feedback
  • Practice opportunities
  • Follow-up support

Participants leave the workshops with specific on-the-job commitments and a project-based action plan for their own real-world coaching challenges.

The programme is purposefully designed to challenge and support participants in breaking through barriers to coaching success in a highly practical and experiential format.