Helen Green

Creating Order out of Disorder

A recent report in Scientific American revealed a new theory of time. In essence the theory states that when the ‘big bang’ occurred two streams of time were created, travelling in opposite directions to each other. The theory is still in its early stages but at its heart is the idea that the early chaos was transformed into order thanks to gravity.

In the Scientific American report there was one sentence in particular which struck a chord. Speaking about the effect of gravity, one of the proponents of the theory, Julian Barbour of the University of Oxford, said “It takes systems that look extraordinarily disordered and makes them wonderfully ordered.

Now take that sentence and transfer it into the business sphere. The untrained observer may wonder why some organisations seemingly run like clockwork whilst others muddle through in a welter of chaos. Look further and at the heart of the stand-out organisations you will generally find a leader, someone who has modelled the way forward, who has inspired others with a clear vision and who has encouraged hearts and minds to create something special. That leader is the person who influences, who guides and who creates synergy and therefore in essence, is someone who is creating order and meaning out of the raw stuff of the business sphere.