Helen Green

Leading in Your Own Style

A recent online quiz in Management Today was designed to reveal which historical leader your own style most represented.

No we’re not going to reveal what our result was but the quiz did set us thinking about the nature of leadership and the way in which we are constantly encouraged to be this or that type of leader.

Leadership Styles

Yes it is true that there are certain leadership styles which just don’t cut it in today’s society but let’s face it, the bully and the absolute dictator probably shouldn’t be in a position of leadership anyway. But with a few notable exceptions, the world is open for a range of leadership styles and attributes.

Individual Leadership Style

The one constant among all of these differing styles however is to know and be true to yourself. The Leadership Challenge may build competence and confidence in the five practices which characterise great leaders but it is based firstly on the development of an understanding of individual characteristics and how these can be developed to embrace good practice. We are all individuals and those who understand their individual strengths and weaknesses and develop great leadership practices on the back of these are far more likely to be successful than those who go through life pretending to be something other than their true selves.