Helen Green

Coaching Success

What part does teamwork play in your success?  It’s an interesting question and one which is perhaps not explored as fully in business as it might be.

In our last article we talked about the importance of building belief, of success building upon success. But that approach will only deliver results if the team cohesion is such that every challenge and every triumph is shared.

No matter how strong the team it may struggle to deliver without the presence of a guiding hand, a leader or a coach working with groups and individuals in order to create the conditions for success. It’s a message which has come through very strongly from the British track cycling team in Rio. As performance after performance came through it was easy to see belief growing, spurring individuals on to ever greater performances until every member of the team had won a medal of some description.

But more than that, time and time again the message came through that success was as a result of a huge collective effort which drew in nutritionists and physiotherapists, psychologists and others; all working together with the athletes under the guiding hand of the team coaches. Through their vision and leadership, through the way in which they worked to bring out the best in individuals they deliver success for the team as a whole.