Helen Green

Leading Unity

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.”

Publilius Syrus may have been writing over 2,000 years ago but his words have echoed across the generations. Quite simply, it is easy to lead when times are good; but true leadership is required when times become more uncertain.

At the time of writing the country is once again coming to terms with a hung parliament and all that that means, whilst at the same time looking ahead to the start of the Brexit negotiations. As those negotiations proceed it’s not all going to be plain sailing, but nor is it a time for hauling down the main mast and sending up the white flag.

Great leaders know and understand that uncertain waters bring great opportunity. Business leaders who are prepared to challenge the status quo and to model a strong pathway for their organisations, who are confident enough in themselves to empower and enable their people to deliver of their best, truly come into their own when the wind of change starts to ruffle the waters.

Most importantly great leaders know how to engage their people in the opportunities of change; working with them and helping them to make the most of their own talents for the good of the business and its customers and stakeholders. As Pubilius Syrus also said “when there is unity there is always victory.”