Helen Green

Join Us For A Great Leadership Journey!

Extraordinary Leaders achieve extraordinary results but what distinguishes extraordinary leaders from everyone else?

Is it ‘in your genes’ or can leadership be learned?

Whilst it can be easy in theory to look at X or Y and try and simply try to copy their leadership style, this route to leadership is somewhat akin to watching the Monaco Grand Prix and then expecting to be able to jump in a car and win a race.

Naturally it does make sense for those aspiring to greatness to examine and learn from those who have gone before. But it is only when we also understand ourselves that we can apply the lessons which will lead to our own extraordinary leadership journey.  The Leadership Challenge™ has been developed and refined through 25 years of research to both identify the five key practices which characterise extraordinary leaders and to help leaders and prospective leaders to gain an understanding of their own pathway towards greatness.

Quest Leadership Development is home to the only currently qualified group of Leadership Challenge Master Facilitators in Europe.  Through a combination of video cases, workbook exercises, group problem-solving tasks, lectures and action learning we bring The Leadership Challenge to life and help leaders to understand and develop their own practical steps towards leadership improvements.  The next course on offer from Quest Leadership Development is on the 10th & 11th December* and has been designed to help leaders and prospective leaders to understand and develop their personal leadership effectiveness.

For those who want to take The Leadership Challenge to a further level, Quest Leadership Development is also offering a two day facilitator training workshop on 12th & 13th December.  This will help participants to immerse themselves in the Leadership Challenge process and to take the next step in preparing to guide others on the leadership pathway.

*call +44 (0) 1487 710484 or e-mail carol.wetton@questld.eu for further information.