Helen Green

Leading, but who will Follow?

Regardless of your politics, the results of the recent European elections have made for some fascinating insights into the state of the single European dream. Turning from one report to the next, from one speech to the next provides an interesting exercise in viewing the ways in which results can be ‘spun’ to meet a particular agenda. But set aside the spin and time and time again in countries across Europe you see the same story; a basic disengagement with leadership.

It doesn’t matter whether you talk about politics, business or your local sports club the effect is the same; when trust in the leadership fails, problems creep in. Disengagement, gossip and rumour lead to falling productivity and strife. Every announcement is treated with suspicion and the instinct is to turn aside from the good of all and look more towards the good of self.

As leadership practitioners, we are only too well aware of the problems which can arise when trust is lost. We are convinced that “leadership is as much an affair of the heart as it is of the head” and know that the leader who loses sight of the true meaning of leadership will soon lose their followers.

We’ll be exploring the five practices of exemplary leaders in our forthcoming workshop which acts as an introduction to The Leadership Challenge.

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