Helen Green

The Best Investment we can Make

In a speech to the Unionlearn annual conference, Matthew Hancock MP highlighted the importance of creating and maintaining a skilled workforce within the UK. With falling unemployment and a more stable job market, the UK’s workforce can look forward to having greater job security. But despite a rise in the qualifications obtained by those leaving school, Mr Hancock stressed that “on both jobs and skills there is more to do.”

According to Mr Hancock, driving up standards in schools is one thing, but what is also required is a move to drive up learning in the workplace, either through apprenticeships or through a focus on adult education. Because, he believes, “better skills are, after all, the best investment we can make – as individuals, in our own potential. And, as a country, in our future.”

Although the speech concentrated on those who may have left school with insufficient qualifications or who need to re-skill to meet today’s job requirements the sentiments expressed would equally apply at the higher echelons of the workforce. Leadership itself is a journey in which the leader owes it to himself, his employees and his company to strive continuously for improvement. Developing self-knowledge, learning how best to inspire, to enable and to encourage others to make the most of their talents; all are essential elements of an exceptional leader.

As Matthew Hancock said “Spreading opportunity and rewarding effort are a great banner behind which we can push forward, so that together we do all we can to help all people in this country – all people – to reach their potential.