Helen Green

Showing an interest in self guided learning

In celebration of the end of another school year the BBC has compiled a guide to understanding the school report. Amidst remarks such as ‘open to new ideas’ and ‘lively and enthusiastic’ one in particular struck a chord with us. Apparently the comment ‘has shown an interest in self-guided learning’ better translates as ‘decides on a daily basis which work to complete.’

With self-guided learning increasingly at the forefront of development programmes are businesses therefore in danger of opening themselves up to some kind of pick and mix anarchy? Or to put it another way, can approaches and learning styles adopted in the classroom negatively impact personal development in the business world?

The answer, as with so many other things, lies in the approach which the leadership take to building a culture and employee engagement matrix which is right for the business. Engage people in the strategy and values of the organisation and there is a strong chance that self-guided learning will be focused on furthering those aims. Better still, when empowered and engaged employees decide on a daily basis which work to complete, they do so in order to promote business success.

What would your employees’ end of term report look like? Now ask yourself how many of their behaviours are in direct response to the way in which you lead engagement and culture?