Helen Green

Leading the Way

What makes a true champion; why does one organisation succeed whilst another fails; what, in short, is the difference between those who soar to success and everyone else? With the Commonwealth games in full swing, it is a question which is much on the mind. Admittedly, every successful athlete has to have some modicum of innate talent but for every one with that talent, some will storm to victory whilst others fail to reach the starting blocks at their local club.

Ask around and it soon becomes clear that for many the difference is in the way in which they were inspired and their talent was encouraged. Without that inspiration, that encouragement and the instilling of belief our top sports people today may never have reached their potential.

The same is true in business. Three of the key attributes of an outstanding leader are to inspire, to enable and to encourage. By doing so, the leader can create the conditions which enable employees to achieve their potential and in the process to provide outstanding customer service. What makes a true champion? Whether in sport, business or any other field the answer is leadership. Leadership in coaching, leadership in inspiration and leadership in enabling people to have the tools and confidence to perform at the top level.