Helen Green

Leading Diversity

If there is one thing that sport teaches us it is that age is no barrier to success.

We are not just talking here about our Olympic and Paralympic competitors whose age range spanned some forty decades; although their achievements were impressive enough. Rather, we are talking about all of those individuals who are footballing, fun running, rowing and engaging in other sports well into their later years.

Their enthusiasm for their sport helps them to push themselves ever onwards, seeking continual improvement and to make the best of their abilities. And as they do so they work happily alongside others with a vast range of backgrounds and ages and experience, all coming together in the name of sport.

It’s this diversity and approach and enthusiasm which the greatest leaders are also able to capture in the workplace. When we talk about engaging hearts and minds, when we talk about inspiring and empowering and challenging, we are looking to create a united team, to help individuals to bring their own enthusiasms and their own talents to the benefit of the whole. Leading diversity is not some tick box exercise, some quota fulfilment task; nor should it be seen as an added burden. When a diverse team unites in, and embraces, the strategy and values of the business then you are well on your way to having a winning team.