Helen Green

Engaging Followers

The second half of May always seems to be a bittersweet time. Yes summer is truly on the way but for football and rugby union supporters there is one last brief flurry of activity before yet another season ticks over into completion.

No wonder then that the supporters make the most of it, attending divisional play-offs and competition finals in numbers as they cheer their teams on to hopeful victory. A friend of a colleague (a rugby and football supporter) is even off to 3 finals within the space of one week, their loyalty having been rewarded by all of their chosen teams having had successful seasons.

We’ve often said that sport and business can learn a lot from each other and certainly when it comes to engaging the loyalty of supporters, leaders in all walks of life would do well to take a few lessons from the sporting arena. True supporters bring loyalty and stability and brand awareness. They will forgive the odd slipup, as long as it can be seen that the business/club is doing its best. And they will not be afraid to look for change when change is needed; helping to drive their chosen team on towards greatness.

Long-term business success relies on delivering the product, quality and service that your customers expect. Are you ready to lead engagement in the future of your business?