Chris Nel

Getting the basics right

When we write about leadership we tend to draw out certain elements such as the importance of helping others to grow, building empowerment and initiative, and developing a strategy and vision for the future. But there are other elements of leadership which are equally important including promoting a focus on an attention to detail which ensures that the company is getting the basics right.

With that in mind two recent posts from Companies House caught our eye. The first was addressed to the 250,000 companies which are due to submit their accounts by the end of September. Here the message was that in order to avoid penalties due to late or incorrect submissions, companies should file early and where possible file online. The second message was even more fundamental, reminding companies to ensure that basic information such as their address is correct on the online company record. Changing addresses online is a relatively quick process and yet Companies House had over half a million items of post returned in 2016 as address unknown or gone away.

Now we’re not suggesting that company leaders should necessarily take control of such basic processes as updating Companies House records. However, whether or not these processes are carried out in a timely fashion will depend on the culture and attitude within the organisation as set by the leadership. When there is a focus on getting the basics right, it can be so much easier for other attitudes such as probity and customer excellence to follow on behind.