Chris Nel

COVID-19 Leadership Helpline – Our learning 3 weeks in …

You may recall that on the 25th March we decided to open a Leadership Helpline manned by members of our coaching team. Well, we're three weeks into this and we thought we share some of the key themes emerging from our conversations ...

Our intention is to let your as leader know :

  • You are probably not alone in the things you are worrying about.
  • There are patterns of COVID-19 leadership emerging .
  • It helps to talk it through!

The most frequently raised topics on the leadership helpline are:
– Fear of loss of control.
– The difficulty of planning anything with this much uncertainty.
– Loneliness – reluctance to share personal anxieties for fear of demotivating team.
– Vulnerability – fear of exposure of lack of capability to cope.Knowing what to do.
– Establishing new (remote) routines.
– Im also worried about infection, job security & income etc
– Home concerns Vs demands of people at work.

Many of you will be familiar with our Adaptive Capability framework. We are finding this ‘three legged stool’ approach particularly useful in supporting leaders through the COVID-19  crisis:

Awareness – The ability to proactively identify the opportunities and threats faced.

Leadership – The ability to inspire others to want to make the required adaptation.

Learning – The ability to benefit from the experience of trying to adapt.

Here are a few questions we hope will get you as an adaptive leader thinking …

Your Awareness
> How is you personal resilience: Emotional / physical health, support network, attitude etc ..
> How resilient are the people who look to you for leadership? How can you strengthen them?
> What is the key opportunity COVID-19 presents for your organisation?
> What is the key threat COVID-19 presents for your organisation?
> What are your top 3 adaptive priorities this quarter?

Your Leadership
> Are you getting the balance right between managing and leading?
> Are you modeling the behaviours you expect to see?
> Are people more inspired by the opportunities, than they are fearful of the threat COVID19 presents?
> Are you clear in your communication about what needs to change / be done?
> Are your people confident in their ability to do what needs to be done?
> Are you recognising in a meaningful way the extraordinary contributions being made?

Your Learning
> Are you as aware of what is not going well as you are of the successes?
> Are you encouraging people to reflect on and learn from all these experiences?
> Are you capturing, celebrating and sharing this learning?
> Are you implementing this learning? What course corrections would evidence this assertion?
> In what ways are you a better organisation than you were 4 weeks ago?

This is hard. It will be feeling difficult. If it doesn’t,  you are probably missing something.

Everyone who has called this free helpline has thought it time well spent.

Please use it if you need it  – 07776 230 298 or 01733 371 340

Keep everyone safe.

Helen, Chris, Jo & David