Chris Nel

How leadership can foster a positive working environment

Do you enjoy what you do? More importantly, how do your people perceive their daily work? Are they happy and engaged, approaching their work in a positive frame of mind or is it more of a case of Mondayitis?

Two recent surveys have revealed that for some at least, work is not as pleasant and fulfilling as it might be. The first from Unum reveals that 38% of workers are very likely to be looking to change jobs in 2019, with a further 24% admitting they often think of quitting.

Elsewhere, a survey by Reed has thrown up the startling statistic that two thirds of workers suffer from ‘Sunday night fear;’ with worries about unfinished work, nightmare commutes and unbearable colleagues all driving work anxieties. This leads to several issues – people approaching their Monday tasks with dread, anxieties kicking in as early as Sunday lunchtime and obstacles to a restful, restorative weekend. People aren’t ready to take the new week on, limping their way to Friday.

How can you change this? It’s about mindset. The way we approach our work is heavily influenced by our frame of mind which impacts colleague and customer interactions, attention to detail and productivity. Start to change mindset – by creating a motivating and caring company culture with regular engagement between the team. Give employees a change to derive personal benefit and satisfaction from their work – give them opportunities, creative challenges and ways to contribute meaningfully.

True leadership can enact all these changes, preventing a downward spiral and instead fostering a positive working environment.