Helen Green

Leading excellence: Olympic teamwork in action

Hopes and dreams amid a wind chill factor of minus twenty degrees; the Winter Olympics have arrived. Whilst viewers across the world enjoy the spectacle of snow and ice in the comfort of their own homes, spare a thought for the athletes and their support teams who are having to adapt to what some are already billing as the coldest Olympics on record.

Not only do athletes have to cope with the biting cold, the super low temperatures also affect their equipment. So much so that one report on the BBC revealed that skis were warping under the influence of low-temperature snow crystals. Ironically, despite the low temperatures, snow machines are also in action, laying down layers of artificial snow and adding further complexity to the challenge of optimising equipment for the conditions.

It’s at times like this when leadership and teamwork really come to the fore. Working together to overcome challenges, developing solutions which will enable athletes to maximise their potential despite the conditions, requires strong and cohesive teamwork and inspiring leadership. As spectators we may see individuals rise to success; but that individual success is based on outstanding teamwork and preparation.